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Benefits of using our EPC property energy assessment

In order to receive the highest Feed-in Tariff rate available for your Solar PV system, both domestic and commercial properties will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of Level 'D' or above.

If you do not currently have an EPC Certificate, BritishEco can assist with organising an EPC survey and advise if any measures should be installed at your property to ensure you are able to receive the highest returns possible.

All domestic and commercial buildings being fitted with solar panels will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) certificate with a level D rating or above to be eligible for the 16p/kWh tariff. If you fail to reach this grade, the tariff rate drops to just 7.1p/kWh.

If you order a solar photovoltaic (PV) system from BritishEco, we can assist you with organising an EPC Survey and obtaining an EPC Certificate. If there are measures needed in order to bring your property up to the required standard, we can help you organise this, therefore enabling you to claim for the highest Feed-In Tariff rate.

 Why Choose BritishEco?

  1. We will assist you with organising a cost efficient EPC Survey
  2. We can assist in obtaining quotes for any works required at your property
  3. You will save money on energy bills by ensuring that your home is energy efficient
  4. Obtaining an EPC of Level 'D' or above will enable you to claim the highest Feed-in Tariff rate available for your Solar PV system
  5. You will be helping the environment by lowering your energy consumption and using clean renewable technology
  6. You will have early access to the Green Deal initiative. Read more on the Green Deal here.