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Welcome to our portal about building and construction industry, which we prepare with passion and commitment. You can find there advice associated with process of building a house, tips connected with finishing works and furnishing and inspiration for modern interior design. The construction industry is constantly expanding. We present latest trends, characteristic of modernist building and ideas of house design, which could help to build a comfortable and functional house.


Today, a beautiful house may have all those who respect the environment, live ecologically and also want to build a functional house. Something interesting always we can find in nowadays construction industry for those people who love classic, typical solutions. However, what is common is the desire to energy- saving life in a beautifully arranged interior. Our website was created primarily in order to bring all these issues. If you have any problem with making any concrete decisions, whether regarding the construction of the house or its furnishing- check our articles.


We will pay attention here, not only on trends and news, but also we will discuss topics related to the selection of a construction company, construction site security, selection of materials for building a house and other technical issues, which sometimes unfortunately are omitted. So, in order to carefully plan the construction from A to Z, as well as the arrangement and interior design, it is worth to have specialistic knowledge and this is what mainly can be found on our website. Have a nice reading!