PV installation dates still available – Order now for the opportunity of 43.3p FIT rate - January 31, 2012

Since the court hearing on Wednesday 25th January 2012 BritishEco has seen a substantial increase in solar pv orders. Whilst the appeal is still ongoing and no certainty about the Feed-In Tariff has been given, it would seem that those who missed the opportunity to install before the 12th December 2011 are taking their second chance on securing the 43.3p/kWh tariff before it is reduced to 21p/kWh on 3rd March 2012

BritishEco customers are being given the assurance that in the event the Government manage to overturn the Court's decision or they fail to be installed before the 3rd March 2012, we are happy to offer them a discount of 10% on their 43.3p/kWh quote.

Place your order and pay a 25% deposit today to make sure your installation beats the cut off date of the 3rd March! Act now to secure your installation.

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