Greg Barker has laid before parliament the draft licence modifications to the feed in tariff:

“We must reduce the level of FITs for solar panels as quickly as possible, to protect consumer bills and to avoid bust in the whole Feed-in Tariff budget.  We’re appealing against the court ruling that’s challenged our proposal for a December reference date.  This remains our aim, and we are waiting for the judgment of the Court of Appeal.  But this is too important for us to sit and do nothing while we wait.  Today we’re putting in place a contingency that will bring a 21p rate into effect from April for installations from 3 March.” 

In effect this means that the tariff will revert to 43.3p from the date of the appeal decision, expected to be on or before 9th February, until 3rd March.

BritishEco feel this offers an excellent window of opportunity for customers wanting to install Solar PV systems. There are a number of different scenarios:-

1/         if you install a Solar PV system before the 3rd of March and the government lose the right to appeal you will definitely receive 21p per kWh and you may well secure 43.3p per kWh.

2/         if you install a solar pv system before the 3rd March and the government win you will definitely receive 21p per kwh

3/         if you install a solar pv system after the 3rd March but before the 1st April you will definitely receive the 21p per kwh but avoid the potentially costly alterations to your property presently being considered by DECC.

Greg Barker has indicated on several occasions recently of the possibility of the feed in tariff being linked to an energy performance certificate on the property.  If the property achieves a Band C rating or better then the 21p tariff can be claimed. If the property falls below Band C you will be given 12 months in which to upgrade the property to bring it up to Band C. If these works are not carried out then the tariff will be reduced to 9p per kwh.  According to DECC and the Energy Savings Trust these alterations could cost in the region of £5400 on your property.

Act now to secure your installation and receive the optimum return on your investment.

Register with BritishEco and one of our renewable energy consultants will contact you to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

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