A Feed-In Tariff Opportunity Not To Be Missed – Act Now! - January 25, 2012

Following on from this morning’s appeal court hearing, there is further uncertainty over the Governments’ definitive decision on the Feed-In Tariff level.

The Government have confirmed they will be appealing to the Supreme Court to see if they can overturn the High Court decision. This gives the Government potentially, another short term delay. We firmly believe that it is very unlikely that the Supreme Court will overrule the previous judges.

For a typical domestic 4kW solar PV system, we are able to offer a return on investment at a FIT rate at 43.3p per kWh of 16.5%, index-linked and tax free, secured for 25 years if you place an order and pay the 25% deposit right now. To make sure your installation beats the cut off date of the 3rd March, you need to act right now to secure your place in the queue.

In light of the news today, BritishEco Ltd would like to offer the following in the unlikely event the Government manage to overturn the Court’s decision, or a customer misses the installation date pre 3rd March.

If either of these unlikely scenarios occur, BritishEco are prepared to discount your price by 10%, which at the 21p/kWh Feed-In Tariff rate, on a domestic 4kW system, will typically produce an return on investment of 10.5%.


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