BritishEco range expansion - August 23, 2011

BritishEco expand their range to accomodate EMMA - The Energy and Micro-generator MAnager


Energy and micro-generator manager (EMMA) is an easy-to-install monitoring system, which can show how much electricity your micro-generator is producing, and how much electricity you are using, EMMA can identify any surplus energy being produced. EMMA will then deposit the surplus energy and either store it as hot water or space heating or export it so that you can benefit from the feed-in tariffs. This results in further substantial savings on your energy bills, optimal income from feed-in tariffs and an even smaller carbon footprint.


EMMA increases the value of over half of the output of your micro-generator by using it in the household or farm, EMMA uses the power that would be otherwise be exported to heat your hot water.


Why use EMMA?

The energy and micro-generator manager will help you to optimise the financial returns on your investment and will future-proof your micro-generator and your home.

EMMA will also be able to help reduce overvoltage leading to; reduced maintenance costs, reduce noise and ultimately increase the output of your renewable energy system.


Where to use EMMA

EMMA can be supported at any house where your micro-generator is producing more than 3000lWh per annum and this system can be used with both Solar PV and Wind Turbines.


How much will EMMA save me?

Savings and payback times depend on your energy needs and preferences (e.g. how much hot water you like to have) and your micro-generator. Payback results from electricity being put to useful purpose onsite – heating your hot water or home – instead of needlessly being exported. You effectively get ‘free’ hot water or heating. EMMA is highly cost effective – savings are typically equivalent to the output from solar thermal collectors which are much more expensive to buy and disruptive to install than EMMA. Call us if you would like an estimate of the savings you can expect from your EMMA.

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