South Leicester College buys complete renewable energy solutions from BritishEco. - July 27, 2009

South Leicestershire College are starting a new BPEC renewable energy training course, and installing all the technologies from BritishEco for demonstration and training. The College plans to become a leader in renewable energy training in the UK.

  • Rainwater Harvesting. The college will have a demonstration kit to collect rainwater and recycle it to flush the toilets.
  • Nordic Inverter. A stand-alone air source heat pump will be wall mounted. Air Source heating is particularly popular in Scandinavia but is also suitable for the UK.
  • Solar Electricity. A solar home power station will demonstrate how a small solar PV system is connected up to produce electricity, and could be installed in most homes.
  • Solar Thermal. There will be a 20-tube solar system installed on site. The evacuated tubes will enable the college to use solar energy to heat their hot water.
  • Solar Demonstration Units. A solar demonstration rig will be used for training, which comes on a moveable stand, along with the hot water cylinder. This is suited to fit the BPEC training requirements.
  • Heat Pumps. There will be a Live Ground Source Heat Pump demonstration kit on site, using geothermal energy for space heating.
  • Wren Wind Turbine. This small wind turbine will be used to show the electrical connections and operation of wind turbines.
  • Merlin Wind Turbine. The large 2.5kW wind turbine will be installed outside to produce electricity, subject to planning permission.
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