Solar PV Panels











Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems provide free electricity to your property using energy from the sun.

You can generate high returns on investment and you will also protect yourself from rising energy prices.



















Biomass Boilers











Biomass boilers provide space heating and hot water for your property.

They are an environmentally friendly alternative to oil and gas fuelled systems and you will save money by reducing your heating bills.



















Solar Thermal











Solar thermal systems harness energy from the sun and then the energy is converted to produce hot water for your property.

You can expect to save 50-75% of your hot water bills every year when you install solar thermal.




















BritishEco are a leading designer and installer of renewable energy systems across the UK, supplying efficient and affordable solutions to individuals & organisations since 2002.

We specialise in designing, supplying and installing renewable energy systems such as Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Biomass Boilers, Wind Turbines, Solar Thermal systems and Rainwater Harvesting units.

We have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge  in working with the domestic, commercial, building and public sectors.

Contact BritishEco today for advice about your project and a free, no obligation quotation.


Wind Turbines











Wind turbines produce electricity for your property by extracting energy from the wind.

A wind turbine is a fantastic investment opportunity and the payback period can be as short as just three years.



















Heat Pumps











Heat pumps are a reliable and efficient solution for your heating and hot water requirements.

You can collect heat from the air, water or the ground surrounding your property and it is constantly replenished by the heat from the sun.



















Rainwater Harvesting











Rainwater harvesting systems collect water from rainfall and converts it into non-potable, usable water.

As droughts loom this year, RWH systems ensure an independent water supply during these water restrictions.




















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Renewable Energy Solutions including Solar PV Panels, Biomass Boilers & Rainwater Harvesting.

BritishEco Ltd have renewable energy consultants throughout the UK, our consultants are professional, industry experts with extensive knowledge on renewable energy systems. They can provide you with reliable, honest advice on what systems are suitable for you.

We have local offices in Hampshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Northamptonshire, London, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Scotland.